Tuesday , August 22 2017

7 of The Most Heavily Guarded Homes in the World

For everything, there is a price to pay and the price to pay for fame is your security. Privacy is a luxury to famous people, this is the reason why most famous people take all the necessary measures to protect their homes. Most of these rich and famous people have …

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Top 7 Strangest Places on Earth

Some of them are hunted forests, while others are abandoned villages, the major similarity that they have is their strangeness and mystery. The Earth is bigger than you think and it’s also full of so many mysteries that you don’t know about. Here are the top 7 strangest places on …

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11 Annoying Things Ghallywood Needs To Stop Doing In Their Movies Now

Ghallywood is the glamour section of Ghana’s movie industry with Kumawood, being the more indigenous section. As explained, they are all about glamour and ohh my! can they go overboard. You watch a Ghallywood movie and you wonder if it’s indeed depicting our country. Everything looks so foreign. Here are 11 annoying things …

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