Tuesday , August 22 2017
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The hidden food ingredient that worsens almost every chronic health condition

Many symptoms and chronic conditions actually stem from an imbalance in the gastrointestinal system.  Commonly known as the gut, the gastrointestinal system is critical for our health and well-being.  Most patients experience significant improvement once the underlying cause of their symptoms is addressed, which typically begin in the gut. Symptoms …

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10 Bizarre Wedding Rituals in Various Cultures

Wedding rituals and traditions vary greatly between cultures, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (ring, flowers etc.), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. Many cultures have adopted the traditional Western custom …

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10 Weird Laws From Around The Planet

We all know that for the smooth functioning of any system, laws are required. But there have been people who just take these words too literary and make laws which doesn’t make any sense. There are some laws which we love and there are some which we hate. But there …

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Top 10 Strange Things Banned Around the World

There are things, that you wish for and you get it, and that you want but still you can’t get it. Well, banning things is laudable if that make some sense like either prohibiting a minigun in the US or ban selling a kidney in Iran, But “Why ketchup” you jerks. We …

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10 Most Iconic Places to Photograph in the World

From the world-famous Taj Mahal in India to the world’s most spectacular ruins,Machu Picchu, here, we have selected the 10 most iconic places to photograph. It’s not easy to pick up top ten, but it didn’t take long. Certain places attract photographers like magnets attract iron filings. we are drawn …

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