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Men's Hair Trimmers – 5 Simple Steps on How to Cut Men's Hair at Home Now!


If you are a guy who wants to cut your own hair at home, then this article will show you five simple steps that you can master it now! Remember, cutting hair for the first time is not an easy task, but you can do better if you take some time for practice.

So, what are the 5 simple Steps? It is this …

1. First, you will need to have a men's hair trimmer.

Make sure your trimmer is clean before using it, and you need to check if the blades are able to move freely back and forth. If there are too many hairs clogged in the trimmer or the blades are dirty, it will make your hair cutting process more difficult.

2. Adjust the plastic comb for your desire hair length .

Usually there should be a plastic comb come with your trimmer. Simply, you can attach it to the trimmer and adjust your desire length.

3. Turn on your trimmer on and start cutting.

Please note that you need to run the trimmer in the opposite direction from your hair growing direction.

4. Clean up your ear and neck area

After you are finished with your cut, you should now remove the plastic comb from the trimmer and use the blade to trim the area around your ear and neck. Make sure you pay extra attention when using the blade, as you definitely do not want to cut yourself! Trim the base of the neck so it is the same length and looks tidy.

5. Use hair dryer to clean off your hair and shoulders!

Here are five simple steps that you can easily cut your hair at home! Remember – it is critical that you need to use some time to practice in order to get great results.

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