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Emu Boots Cleaning Guide


Emu boots are becoming increasingly popular as the weather turns chilly as we head through autumn and toward winter. But when women are wearing their boots to keep warm and stay stylish on a daily basis, this can cause a great deal of wear and tear on these premium quality fashion items.

Fortunately, Emu Australia has launched the official Emu boots caring kit, designed to not only clean your boots, but to extend the life of your footwear and maintain that off the shelf look.

So while many fashionistas have highlighted the benefits with regards to the comfort, insulation and appearance of Britain's new best selling winter fashion footwear, few have provided information for cleaning their boots after a day of shopping or socializing.

Like any sheepskin product, Emu boots are best taken care of through being washed by hand. Tempting though it may be to throw your boots into the washing machine or tumble drier, you will not be doing the sheepskin or fine quality merino wool any favors!

In the Emu caring kit, you get a cleaner and conditioner, water resistant spray and a soft suede brush. All you need now is a clean cloth and you're ready to clean your boots.

There are two general types of Emu boots available. The first is the common Emu Bronte, which is made from suede material while the more luxurious Emu Stinger is made from 100% Australian sheepskin. Due to the different materials, both of these boots need to be cleaned in slightly different ways.

When it comes to cleaning suede uppers, simply apply a small amount of water and cleaner to a soft, damp cloth. Create a lather by rubbing the two ends of the cloth together and then evenly and gently clean the surface of the boot.

Once the entire boot has been cleaned, it's best to wipe off the cleaner and conditioner with a clean, wet cloth. Then leave the boot to dry in a well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. Otherwise this can cause the bleach the color of the boot while it's drying.

When your boots have washed, give them a light buff using the suede brush provided. This will restore the natural nap of the suede fabric.

Finally, give them a light covering using the water repellent spray provided. This will prevent not only water from clinging to them and soaking into the fabric, but everyday dirt as well.

To keep your Emu boots in top condition, be sure to clean them regularly. For best results use the official Emu boots caring kit from Emu Australia.

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