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Non Prescription Eye Contacts


Non-prescription contact lenses are not meant for vision correction; they are called plano. Opaque color contacts are the most common non-prescription contacts. Although these lenses do not need a prescription, users must consult an eye care professional for the right fit.

There is a wide variety of non-prescription contacts available in the market. There are lenses that simply enhance one's natural eye color. There are also contacts to satisfy every whim and fancy. The lenses have names like "flame," "alien" and "cat's eye." It would appear that there is a non-prescription contact lens to suit every flight of fancy. Occasions like Halloween boost the demand for such lenses.

The user can choose between disposable and daily-wear lenses. Disposable lenses may be a better choice if the user plans to change colors frequently. These are the right choice when you use non-prescription color contacts only occasionally. There is no need to clean these lenses, and you can just throw them away after using them for a few days.

Daily wear lenses are more appropriate if the contacts are to be used more often. These will last longer, but need regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Many doctors advise against the use of non-prescription contacts without a doctor's supervision. They warn that when a doctor does not monitor fitting, usage, and physiological effects, the contacts may cause serious damage or even blindness.

When people buy non-prescription contacts over the counter without bothering to consult an eye care professional, they tend to forget that contacts are not for everyone. The shape of the eye, the amount of tearing and the need for correction varies from person to person. Only a careful examination by a professional can ensure the right contacts for the right eyes.

All users must be mature enough to take proper care of the lenses. Diabetics need to take extra care, as infections may take a long time to heal.

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