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Color eye contacts


There are four types of colored contact lenses: visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light-filtering tints.

In visibility tint color contacts, a light blue or green tint is added to the lens, to help see the lens better. The tint is usually too light to change the eye color.

An enhancement tint is darker than a visibility tint. It is used to enhance the existing color of the eye, and works best on people who have naturally light-colored eyes.

Colored tints go further and can alt change the color of the user's eyes. The center of the lens is clear so that vision is not affected, but the rest of the lens has an opaque tint. Color contacts are available in an array of colors including amethyst, blue, gray, green, hazel, and violet.

Some sportspersons use special types of colored contacts known as light-filtering tints. These enhancement certain colors, helping the user to, for example, to spot the tennis ball better. Lenses have been developed to help golfers distinguishing between different types of greens on the golf course. Other such lenses are being developed for other sports.

Colored contacts have some disadvantages. Occidentally the lens may slip, making the eye look a little strange, as part of the natural color shows through. Some colored contacts may interfere with proper vision if the transparent area in the center of the lens is not large enough to accommodate the enlarged size of the pupil in low light conditions.

Like all contact lenses, colored contacts are fitted to a specific individual's eyes and should not be worn by another person. The swapping of lenses may also aid the transmission of pathogens that cause infections or other harmful conditions.

Color contacts may not always be used for vision correction, but like every type of contact lens, they must be properly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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