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15 Movie Scenes That Turned Actors Into Superstars

In the pursuit of becoming Hollywood’s new favorite film star, actors must take care to choose roles that will help to further their careers. It is practically impossible to know which films will wind up being a hit at the box office since moviegoers have such varied tastes and there is no set guideline as to what will constitute a hit film. There have been a myriad of films that wasted millions during production only to flop at the movie theater and also a number of films that took almost nothing to make, only to become a major success. The same can be true for character roles, as the old saying goes, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” In fact, even the most miniscule role can make a huge impact with audiences if the actor is able to make the character stand out on screen.

While all aspiring actors are hoping that their next role becomes the catalyst to what ultimately makes them famous in the entertainment industry, there are very few actors that can boast playing a character that has had a truly iconic scene on the silver screen. Yet, the actors that have been lucky enough to have a truly magical moment on the big screen can thank these scenes for helping to further their careers. It has helped them to get even more roles down the line and have made them instantly recognizable to audiences. Check out our list of the 15 iconic film scenes that made the actors famous and see how many you can remember from films gone by.

15. Kirsten Dunst In Spider-Man

Kirsten Dunst started off her career being thought of as just a child actor and it was difficult for audiences to view her any more than just the little vampire girl that got to k!ss Brad Pitt in the film, Interview With A Vampire. Yet, she was able to transform her look and public perception once she played the role of Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man film series. From the signature red locks to the onscreen chemistry with Tobey Maguire, Dunst made quite an impression on fans. The most iconic scene in the film was when Maguire hung upside down and revealed his lips for a k!ssing scene with Dunst’s character, Mary Jane Watson. This became the ultimate in romantic gestures but practically impossible to recreate for regular people. Maguire actually gave interviews on how horrendous this k!ssing scene was for him since water was getting into his nose from hanging upside down and breathing through the mask was very difficult. Perhaps it’s not such a turn-on to almost drown while k!ssing but it sure did look good on film.


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